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Sikandar Rana

Working to Protect Your Rights

Putting Clients First!

Areas of Focus

I focus on many areas, including in Family Law, Criminal Law - DUI / DWI, Immigration Law, Real Estate, Personal Injury, and Bankruptcy Law. I pride myself on offering my clients the very best advice in specific areas of expertise. I know what I do best, and will bring an unparalleled depth of knowledge to your case. 




I’ve been practicing Family Law for years, with dozens of successful cases to my name. My clients can count on my Family Law expertise to manage the legal framework supporting their endeavors. When I am involved in a case, I help my client successfully resolve it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Let Attorney Sikandar Rana be the solution for your Criminal Defence needs. By combining a fundamental understanding of the big picture with the complexity of daily interactions and experiences, Attorney Rana provides proactive solutions to a diversity of clients. Attorney Rana is involved in some of the most innovative, sophisticated, and complex Criminal Law cases.

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Have an Immigration case on your hands? I am ready to help. Attorney Sikandar Rana has the legal knowledge, skills, and experience to advise clients on Immigration Law matters in the Southeastern, CT area. I am proud to extend my professional services to help all of my clients resolve their legal matters.





Excellent Attorney!

Posted by anonymous 
March 17, 2017

Attorney Rana was recommended to us by a family friend who knew of his work. We worked with him for almost 18 months and I can honestly say he is an all-in lawyer who truly cares about his client and their story. He asks probing questions but intently listens to the answers because you will hear him repeat it weeks down the road. Attorney rana is an experienced knowledgeable lawyer one of the many things that I respect him for is his honesty and that he sets clear expectations. His priority is getting the client the best deal, which he did. He was a tremendous help to our family and we are grateful.

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Sikandar Rana


Having a legal issue is generally an unpleasant experience. It may mean that you have been hurt, injured or wronged in some way. I understand how confused you may be feeling, and I am here to protect your rights and to fight in your corner. You don’t have to suffer in silence if the law is on your side.

I immigrated from Pakistan in 1994 to make a better life for myself and to realize my goal of becoming an attorney in the United States. Just as I worked hard while attending law school, I will work for you. It is through true grit and determination that I overcame adversity and in 2009, came to realize the happiest day of my life when I passed the Connecticut Bar. 

I will provide you with an initial consultation to see if and how I can serve your interests. Legal cases (and even just the language) can be complicated and intimidating. I will guide you through every step of your case, keeping you right up to date, making sure you understand exactly what is going on, and advising you on every decision that needs to be made. My promise to you is to keep you involved and at the very center of my attention. I am here to serve you and am proud to have been protecting the rights of the people of Southeastern, CT since 2009. Call today and schedule a free consultation.

I hold a JD from the University of New Hampshire, as well as a Masters Degree in Intellectual Property. I am a member of the Connecticut Bar Association, and the New London County Bar Association.

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The law is complicated and can be confusing to the untrained eye. Do you feel that you have been wronged but have no idea where to start? I have been providing comprehensive and easy to understand counsel to the people of Southeastern, CT since 2009. I know how overwhelming the legal process can be, especially when you are under an enormous amount of stress. This is why my goal is to help you understand your rights and the issues affecting your case.


I am an attorney, yes, but I never forget that my clients are people with unique emotions and values. I will personally keep you involved and personally guide you in making important decisions about your case, calmly and effectively. I let you know what is going on at every stage, and explain every small detail so that you are in charge.

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*All information displayed on the Attorney Sikandar Rana website is informational and shall not be deemed as legal advice. If you’re currently dealing with an individual legal situation, you’re invited to contact me through email or by phone. Until an attorney-client relationship has been established, I urge that you avoid sharing any confidential information.

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